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In-house Therapies

In-house Therapies


Relaxing Facial  £46


Using Carole Franck’s Beauty Products from Paris, which are based on plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins.

This facial involves cleansing, toning, exfoliating, face massage and finishes with a rejuvenating face mask.  (1hr 30mins)             




       Half Leg                        £15
       Full Leg                         £20
       Underarm                       £8
       Lip                                  £5
       Chin                               £5
       Eyebrow                       £10
       Back (Male)                   £20
       Chest (Male)                 £15


Treats For Your Hands


Basic manicure  £15 - includes shaping of nails, cuticle care followed by polish or buff to shine).

Luxury manicure  £20 - includes an aromatic soak, shaping of nails, cuticle care, a relaxing hand massage followed by polish or French manicure or buff to shine.

Deluxe manicure  £25 - experience all the benefits of our luxury manicure plus a hand treatment of softening and warming paraffin wax.

Treats For Your Feet


Basic pedicure  £20 - includes shaping of nails, cuticle care and polish.

Luxury pedicure  £25 - a refreshing treatment especially good for hard skin.  Includes aromatic foot soak with salts, shaping of nails, cuticle care, foot massage followed by a polish of your choice.

Deluxe pedicure  £30 - comprises of all the stages of a luxury pedicure with the inclusion of a softening and warming paraffin wax.

Treats For Your Eyes


Eyebrow shape  £10
Eyebrow wax  £10
Eyelash tint  £10
Eyebrow tint  £6
Eye treatments Package  £35 - includes all of the above 4 eye treatments.
Eyelash extension
 1hr 30mins  £85
Eyelash extension follow up  from £15

Health Therapies


Bowen Technique - this is a remedial therapy.  The treatment involves a series of gentle moves on the muscle and connective tissue along the whole body using the thumb and fingers.  There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and the treatment is subtle and relaxing.

The treatment is performed through light clothing, and is ideal for sports injuries, R.S.I., frozen shoulders, back pain, tennis elbow and respiratory symptoms.

A course of 3 treatments is required to recognise the effects.

Fee for each treatment (45mins)  £36


Aromatherapy - treatments are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Principle, working on the energy channels (Qi) and pressure points with essential oils.  Each treatment is very much individual, with each person’s specific needs taken into account when making up a personal blend of oils.

Its beneficial effects on stress and stress related problems are well known.  Some of the other conditions which can be helped are:- Emotional problems/trauma, depression, insomnia, rheumatism, M.E. and a low immune system.

A course of 4 treatments is usually recommended, but a single treatment will promote relaxation and a sense of well being.


Shoulders, neck and back, including head (50 minutes)            £36

   Including feet (60mins)                                                           £38

   Legs and feet, including lower back (45mins)                         £31

   Feet only (40mins)                                                                  £26

   Head to Toe ‘Full Body’ (1½hrs)                                               £46


Indian Head and Shoulder Massage

This treatment works on the physical and psychological subtle levels.  The techniques used represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body.  It can be given in a sitting position with the recipient fully clothed.  Oils used on neck are optional.    (40mins)    £26


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A delicate form of massage utilising a very light pressure, working in the direction of the lymph nodes through light clothing to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, improve metabolism, help the body to eliminate waste and toxins and provide a boost to the immune system.

Especially useful for those who suffer regularly from common colds and flu.   Also recommended for people who want to reduce puffiness or swelling.  It also has a positive effect on problem skin, cellulite, dysfunctional respiratory systems and people with low energy.

            1 hour session £33                    half hour session £21




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