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Chinese Astrology Seal Carving


Product Information

he art of Chinese Seal Engraving originated thousands of years ago and was used by Chinese emperors to authenticate important royal documents. Nowadays, it is commonly employed by traditional Chinese artists to identify their works of art. However, it is also used by anyone wanting to mark their name such as teachers who use it as a unique alternative as a personal document signature. In the West it offers a novel way of signing stationary, greeting cards etc.

Our Chinese Seal consists of a decorative sculptured stone, with your Chinese name inscribed using special tools on the surface of the flat bottom, together with your Western name. You can then dip the stone in a dish of special red ink (enclosed in the kit) and stamp your very own Chinese name (translated for you). This seal carving is made from 'Soap Stone' from China. It takes many years of mastery for an expert to be able to artistically carve your Chinese name in a limited surface area and with extreme precision.

Each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are available. A 'cycle of birth' designates an animal for each  calendar year, if you are unsure of the one which applies to you please see our FAQ on Chinese astrology.

The sides of the seal are inscribed in calligraphy style with a Chinese poem, as well as other decorations. The seal is packaged in an attractive Chinese decorated box and inclusive of a dish of special red ink.

Please be aware that the colour patterns of the stone material can vary from seal to seal. And due to the hand-carved nature of this product, the sculpture can also differ slightly from the one featured, making each and every seal carving a truly original item!

Chop 2.5x2.5x8.5cm, Box 12.5x12.5x5cm

Product Code: CAL-SC-001

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